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Ann Millaney (John's wife) is torn between a perfect marriage and an emotional millennium..She is convinced that not only does doing things her way work, IT MUST!! It is not necessary to have all the missing pieces to the puzzle in her marriage because she realizes the ramifications of such a heinous plight!! Is it kink, is it bi, or bi for the night, is it emotional nurturing? James Spader's character (Gram Dalton) has a life that is based on comparative stability, everybody (mostly women) can expose their lewd nuances while he keeps his a secret, once someone has tampered with his quirkiness which is close to the vest, he has no ability to cope, thus, he exaggerates his mistakes!!!He has an affair with his wife's sister, Cynthia Bishop, she is a morally bankrupt loner who resents her sister's relatively structured existence...Gram Dalton is the voyeuristic creep who preys on the dissatisfaction of married women with the seven year itch syndrome, and other disgruntled and socially misplaced women as well!! CD Fetish Traffic trade Copyright ©, 2007-2013.

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Being flippant about immorality has a definite rude awakening!!

What seems complicated is really very simple, and the depraved intrigue of perversion merely brings out all of their most dreaded skeletons in the closet!!!!

This was the summon substance of what the film "Sex Lies and Videotape" was all about!!

This film had a personal dedication to it as well!!

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